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  kb information
handle: kb
real name: Tammo Hinrichs
homepage: http://kebby.org
avatar: farbrausch
level: admin
glöps: 80

this user is known to use the following scene handles
contributed to the following demos
1.67 Years The Obsessed Maniacs music, code
1st Demo II code
altona code
black code
Booth Jam design
Episode IV code, direction
Episode VII direction, code
Event Horizon code
Ex Fabric music, code
F.A.K.E code, design, music
fr-01: fb, rp, th actor
fr-010.scx: art code
fr-011: ms2001 invitation code, music
fr-012: kapital code
fr-013: flybye code, music
fr-014: garbage collection code
fr-015: la sculpture code
fr-016: bytes code
fr-016b: 5 bytes less code
fr-016c: fuenf (in your face) code
fr-02: raum, klang und design code
fr-020: in control music
fr-022: ein.schlag code
fr-024: welcome to... music, code
fr-027: Out of the blue code
fr-028: brullwurfel code, music
fr-029: dopplerdefekt code
fr-03: monochromie ist nichts code
fr-032: e.t. vocals
fr-033: like there's no tomorrow music
fr-037: the code inside code
fr-04: hinein in farbe und form code
fr-044: patient zero code
fr-047: malpasset code, lyrics
fr-048: precision code
fr-049: of spirits taken music
fr-049b-minus music
fr-05: konsum lyrics, code
fr-054: polar music
fr-057.cns: Arancia code, design
fr-06: black 2000 code, direction, music
fr-066: farbrausch 3.11 power user
fr-071: sunr4y music, direction, code, design
fr-09: goldrausch code
fr-minus-03: farbomat code
fr-minus-03.2: rausch-o-mat code
fr-minus-04: PlanQuadrat code
fr-minus-05: forestnerdbitch direction
fr-minus-07: cargo cult code, graphics, lyrics
fr-minus-07: we cell out code, music
fvs32 code
HiFi 8032 code
JOOP! music, code, graphics
kb's Jukebox code, music
KB's Jukebox II music, code, design
LatX graphics, code, music
Masagin code
Mathematica code
Mekka & Symposium 2000 Invitation code, music
Project Snowblind Teaser code, music
ReflexTracker code
Second Reality 64 music, code
Sleepless music
SPACKENHAMMER code, direction
totraum 209 music
V2 Synthesizer System code
werkkzeug code
werkkzeug3 code
werkkzeug4 code
Who Cares™ direction, music, code
ZERBLAST design, code
fr-034 / hjb-104: time index code
fr-030: candytron code, music
fr-019: poemtoahorse. code
fr-062: the cube code
fr-08: .the .product music, code
.detuned™ code
.kkrieger code
fr-043: rove code
fr-041: debris. code
fr-063: Magellan supply
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totraum 209
Who Cares™

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