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.kkapture by  farbrausch
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release date :2005-04-01
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added on the 2009-11-01 by ryg 

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window with parameters and checkboxes. AVI on hard disk. no music.

added on the 2009-11-09 by Solo2 
Great and very useful demotool !

added on the 2009-11-10 by va!n 
OMG the stole my screenshot... ;)

added on the 2009-11-10 by rare 
ripping suxx!!1

added on the 2009-11-10 by v3nomsoup 
Wed, 02 Dec 2009 20:00:00 +0100

we have just released some of our demos in 720p HD captures (h264/aac), in respect to their full intended glory. demos in question are p351, the lost religion of light and altp08, all of them not previously released in any video form due to inability of our old compression techniques (xvid/mp3) to preserve it's quality, but also due to a lack of proper tools and technology to capture them in full frame rate, which was solved by using kkapture, a great tool from farbrausch guys.

downloads are available from our site, using the MP4 links in the demo release tabs. streaming HD versions are also available for some of those.

tnx fr!

added on the 2009-12-02 by dominator 

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