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frp by  farbrausch
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release date :2000-12
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added on the 2009-11-01 by ryg 

this is a tool and it was used for making
fr-minus-03.2: rausch-o-mat
fr-08: .the .product
fr-011: ms2001 invitation
fr-013: flybye
fr-014: garbage collection
fr-019: poemtoahorse.
fr-022: ein.schlag
fr-024: welcome to...
fr-027: Out of the blue
fr-028: brullwurfel
fr-029: dopplerdefekt
fr-030: candytron

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"farbrausch packer", first attempt, based on the upx source code. we later switched to kkrunchy, which was written from scratch, had less features but significantly better compression for 64ks.

added on the 2009-11-01 by ryg 

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